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¥Creating a start list.
¥Registering passes


How to operate EBATime2 is very simple.

EThere is no operation using two or more fingers.
EThere is only one function requiring a long tap.


When starting the application, the Home screen will be displayed after the splash screen.

When the character is too small (big), adjust the font size according to the model you use.

Tap the Preference icon to open the screen and change the BasicFontSize.

When setting is completed, please push the Save button.

Next select the file to use.

When you press the Select... button on the home screen, it will move to the Select a file screen.

When the height of the line is too low and it is difficult to see the characters, adjust the RowHight on the Preferences screen.

From the list of files, tap the file you want to select.(Tap the white part of the line)

After confirmation, return to the home screen, you are ready.

¥Creating a start list.

On the home screen, tap the Startlist icon, then it will go to the Startlist screen.

Of course it is a blank state.


As an example, use the start list below.
The Class will be described later.
Bib Class Start time
1 1 8:30:00
2 1 8:30:30
3 1 8:31:00
4 1 8:31:30
5 1 8:32:00
6 1 8:32:30
7 1 8:33:00


On the start list screen, press the Wizard... button.
The Wizard screen opens, and enter the information of the start list.

Fill in all items and press the OK button, the list will be created automatically.

What is a class?
A Class is a runner's category of participation.

For example, if you decide Class 1 for boys and 2 for girls, you can see the ranking within each category separately.

Numbers from 0 to 9 can be used for class values.
In other words, you can manage up to 10 categories simultaneously.

In this example, there is only one category.

Since the creation of the start list has been completed, press the Save button on the upper left to save the file.

In the explanation below, I recommend that you save frequently as you operate a little.
(especially during the race)


As an option, you can also set the runner's name and team.

Tap any line to enter the Input Details screen.
In the images below, only one runner is set the name and team.

¥Registering passes

On the home screen tap the Registering passes icon and go to the Registering passes screen.

You are now ready to register.
EBATime 2 does not require troublesome operations such as Start timer.

After that stand on the course and wait for the runner to come.
Since this is a fictional race, please read while imagining.

The blue numbers (1 to 10) at the top of the list are laps.


The first runner comes and the Bib No is 1.

Let's register the pass.

Method 1@Long tapping

Long tap (long press) the row of Bib No. 1.
Then the pass is recorded.

As a result, the ranking ( 1 ) is displayed in the red.
Since only one runner has come, it is naturally the first place.

If touch panel don't respond well, rub your fingers with clothes to generate static electricity.

Method 2@TextBox i Version 1.2 or later j

Tap the Bibno text box above the list.
Then the keyboard appears.

If you enter 1 on the keyboard, you can register the passage of Bib No. 1.

You can also save the file automatically when you register pass.

To do that, open the Preferences from the home screen
and enable the Automatically save after registering a pass.


After a while, the next runner come. It is Bib No. 2.

Enter the bib number as before and register the pass.

As a result, No. 2 is the first place, and No. 1 is down to the second place.

Tap the row of each runner for more information.

For example, referring to the information on Bib No. 2 as shown below, the time difference from Bib No. 1 is 13 seconds.

It is advantageous if you tell this information to the runner quickly.

If you register mistakenly for bib number, you can cancel.

Tap the No button on the left side of the list to select the runner (turn green) and press the Cancel a pass button at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to cancel all laps of a runner, press the Cancel Passes button.

To cancel all runs of all runners, press the Cancel All button.
(That is, it returns to the state before the start)

The race went on, all the runners passed the first lap.

Currently 1st place is Bib 6, followed by Bib 7.
Bib 1 has fallen to seventh place.

Let's see more information.

Taking the 2nd place Bib No. 7 as an example.
Tap the row of Bib No. 7 and move to the Details screen.

It is 6.7 seconds from the first place.
It is 36.9 seconds away from the 3rd place, so it shows the aspect of match race.

By using EBATime 2 like this, you can grasp the race situation quickly.

Please use it for your support!