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Im-Export Image format
 How to export as image
 How to Import images
 Import images on the Internet
Im-Export JSON format
Import RaceSplitter format


What is Export?

It is a function to save race files out of EBATime2.

The exported file can be accessed from other apps, so you can do the following:
Share race files via emails or SNS or web.
Back up race files to a PC or SD card.

Besides, EBATime2 can handle only 20 files, but the export function can create an infinite number of files.

What is Import?

It is a function to read exported files.

If your friend has exported the file and posted it to SNS, you can download the file, import it into your EBATime2.

In other words, if someone creates a start list, it can be distributed to everyone.

3 types of In-Export

EBATime2's in-export function supports three types of formats.

( 1 ) Image format

EBATime2 converts the race file into the following image (png or jpg).
It is not a barcode.

Why bother converting to an image?
It is because it is easy to send via email or SNS.

( 2 ) JSON format Android only

JSON format is a raw data file of EBATime2.

It is not image, so you can not post it to SNS.
However, there is a feature that the data is not easily damaged.

I think that this format is rarely used, but it is left for compatibility with the previous version.

Although JSON format files can not be posted to SNS, they can be sent via email.

( 3 ) RaceSplitter format  Import only

The rsrace file used by RaceSplitter can be read into EBATime2.

RaceSplitter is an excellent service that allows you to create and publish your start list on website.

When using this function, import the mail attachment sent from RaceSplitter's server.
So, registration to RaceSplitter is required. The Registration is free.

Im-Export Image format

How to export as image

Tap Im-Export button at the top of the Select a file or Startlist or Register passes screen, and select Export as image.

Then, a preview screen will appear. Tap the Export button to save the image.

Images are saved to your device's photo gallery.

After that, saved image will appear on the gallery just like normal photos, so you can send it via email or post it on SNS.

In the image below, I post the image in Facebook and Twitter.

If Im-Exporting fails, check the permission settings.

iPhone / iPad

Open Settings and scroll down to find EBATime2.
Tap the app name and check if the Photos access permission is Read and Write as shown in the image below.

If it is set to Never, tap it to change.

Android ( Operation differs depending on the product )

Display the list of apps from Settings and search for EBATime2.

Tap the app name to display the App info, and check if there is Storage in the Permissions as shown in the image below.

If there is no Storage in the Permissions, tap it to activate Storage.

How to Import images

Tap Im-Export button at the top of the Select a file or Startlist or Register passes screen, and select Import image.

You will be prompted to select an image stored in your device, so select an EBATime2 format image.
(Of course) It is an error to select an image of any other format.

EBATime2 will load the image and display file information.

Tap the Import button, race data will be imported after confirmation.
Note: When importing, the contents of the current file will be overwritten.

Import is complete.

If import fails, check the app's permission settings as well as export.

Import images on the Internet

I will explain how to import race file images from email, websites, SNS etc. into EBATime2.
This feature makes it possible to distribute files created by one person to many people.

There are two options to do it.

Option 1: Download and import the image
Option 2: Launch EBATime2 directly without downloading images

In most cases, it is the option 1 that can be performed reliably.
The option 2 is easy, but it may not be possible depending on the service or app.

Option 1: Download and import the image

Save the EBATime2 format image using an application with download function (Web browser, WhatsApp, etc.).
It is a function that most apps using the Internet have.

Once downloaded, it will be added to the photo gallery, so if you start EBATime2, you can import it in the same way as the above How to Import images.

Below are the download screens for various apps.

Google Chrome
Long tap on the image.

Apple Safari
Long tap on the image.

Enlarge the image and tap the upper right button.

Tap the bottom right button of the attached file.

Option 2: Start EBATime2 directly without downloading images

There are apps such as WhatsApp Messenger that can start EBATime2 directly using the sharing function without downloading the image.

Let's look at an example in WhatsApp Messenger.

In WhatsApp Messenger, when you expand the EBATime2 format image and open the upper right menu, there is the word Share.
Tap the Share and the app list will be displayed. Tap EBATime2.

Then EBATime2 starts and import processing starts automatically.

You will be asked where to import, so select an appropriate file.
After this, it will be the same flow as normal import.

Below are the locations of the sharing function of various apps.

Enlarge the attached image and tap Share.

Tap the upper right three-point mark and select Share external.

Enlarge the image, tap the share icon in the lower left, and select Open in other app.

It is very easy to start directly without downloading like this, but there is a problem.
It is not all apps support.

The following table is the result of trying two options with the famous apps.
As you can see it depends on the app.

If you know any other apps or services that support it, it will be helpful if you let me know.

1: Download image 2: Start directly
Instagram No No
Facebook Yes Yes
Twitter Yes No
WhatsApp Messenger Not manual Yes
LINE Yes Yes
Gmail Yes Yes

Im-Export JSON format
( Android only )

About JSON format

JSON format is raw (before converting to image) EBATime2 race file.

JSON files are not images, so you can not post to SNS.
However, there is a feature that the data is not easily damaged.

It is a pure text file, so it can be analyzed by anyone with skill.

I think that this format is rarely used, but it is left for compatibility with the previous version.

Only the Select a file screen can import and export JSON format.
Select the target file and open the menu from the ex-import button at the top.

When exporting the file, jp.rdy.ebatime folder is created on your device or SD card, and it is copied there.
The exact folder location is displayed at the bottom of the Select a file screen.

When importing, JSON files in the folder will be listed, so please select one.

Using file management apps, you can access the the folder and copy and delete freely.
The image below shows the folder opened in Cx File Explorer.

Import RaceSplitter format

About RaceSplitter

RaceSplitter is an excellent free service that allows you to create and publish your start list on website.

There is the RaceSplitter app, too.
If you send the created list to the app, you can also measure time.

RaceSplitter creates a file with the extension rsrace.
And EBATime2 can import it.

Create a start list

Register to RaceSplitter and follow the instructions on the website to create a start list.

Besides creating on the website, there are also ways to use Excel templates or app.
Please refer to the official site's documentation for details.

Send your start list to your device

When the start list is complete, press the Send to App button.
Then, an e-mail with the start list attached will be sent to the your address.

Open the mail and tap the attached file ( *.rsrace ) to display the app list.
The image below is an example on Android and iOS

If you tap EBATime2 from the list, it will start up and import automatically.
Note: In case of iPhone / iPad, please close EBATime2 before this.

Team and Email are not imported.
Group is converted to Class, and it changes from string to number.
(ex) Men 0
If there is at least one player with Group blank, 0 is set to the blank player class.
First Name and Last Name are combined and become Name.
(ex) Chuck , Norris Chuck Norris