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Next to getting started, let's know how to use it more comfortably.

Management of multiple classes
Specify Time
More useful features

Management of multiple classes

Often players from different classes run together in races.
Even in such cases, EBATime2 can manage the ranking for each class.

( 1 ) Creating a start list

Please see the start list below.
As you can see, a two-class (male & female) race will be held together.

Let's create this start list with EBATime2.

Open the Wizard screen from the Startlist screen as you did in the Getting Started.

First make a list of Male.

Since the bib number is 1 to 4, enter it as shown in the image below.
At this time, set the class to 0.

Press OK to create a list.

Next make a list of Female.
But there is one thing to do before that.

Select the fourth at the end of the list and press the Add button.
Then an empty line is added to the 5th line.

Make sure that this empty line is selected, and open the Wizard screen.

Input as shown below.
There are three differences from the Male.
( 1 ) The bib number is 5 to 8.
( 2 ) The start time is 09:02:00.
( 3 ) The Class is 1.

The class was set to 0 for Male, but to 1 for Female.
EBATime2 calculates rankings by class.

After entering the name, the start list is complete.

( 2 ) Registering passes

After registering the passage in the start list created just before, it became as follows..

As a result of calculating the rankings for each class, there are two runners in first place.
(Ken and Nancy)

The Details screen shows the time difference in the participating classes.
Below is the screen of a female class runner.

By setting classes in this way, you can manage multiple classes at once.
EBATime2 can register up to 20 classes.


EBATime2 has a function to change the start time collectively when the competition start time is changed due to the weather etc.

Load the start list
and press the Postpone button on the Startlist screen to open the window.

Select whether to Postpone or Bring Forward in (1).
Set the postpone (bring forward) time in (2).
Specify the target class in (3).

In the image above, I delay the start time of all runners by 30 minutes.

When the OK button is pressed, the start time is changed.

Specify Time

Although not used often, EBATime2 can also set the passing time directly.

Press the Specify Time button on the Register passes screen, and the Register pass by specified time window will open.
Set any passing time.

In the following image, the first pass of the bib 2 runner is set to 10:30:00.

Although it is a feature that is not very noticeable, one use is to create electronic results.

If you set everyone's start time to 0:00:00 and enter the record as the passing time while looking at the paper results, you can create something that looks like an electronic result.

It is hard to enter, but it can be used to analyze races, as you can see the individual time differences at a glance.

More useful features

EBATime2 has various other functions

To use the function marked with *optional,  please enable the corresponding item in Preferences.

Change file name
i Version 1.3 or later j

The file name can be changed from the default (fileXX) to any name.

When you press the Rename... button on the Select a file screen, a window will open. Enter a new name.

Show Rivals

If you set the rival's bib number in advance, the mark (R1,R2 in the image below) appears on the Details screen.

Up to two rivals can be set per runner.

Time measurement of Paralympics

Like the Paralympic Games, it is a function to measure by setting a percentage to time.

When creating a start list, modify the item % (Paralympic) on the Input Details screen.
The default is 100.

In the example below, it is set to 96%.

Register multiple bib numbers
i Version 1.2 or later j

It is a function to register passing of multiple runners at the same time.

On the Register passes screen, put a character other than numbers in the Bibno text box, you can separate the bib numbers.

In the image below, bibs 1 - 3 are registered at the same time.

In this example, . is used as a delimiter, but anything is allowed if it is not a number.

In other words, even *, # and + are treated as a delimiter.

Show target time *optional

It is a function to display the current target time which is often seen on cross-country ski TV broadcasts.

It is disabled by default.

In the image above, 14 minutes 22 seconds 8 have passed since the start of the runner of Bib No. 4.

And the 2nd place Bib No. 2 is his target.
14 minutes 37 seconds 1 (2nd in 3 who passed already)

He will be in second place if he passes within 14.3 seconds.
37.1 - 22.8 = 14.3

The target time will change in real time.

When it is unnecessary, you can hide it by tapping.

Show ahead and behind *optional

It is a function to display the time difference from the closest rank on the list.

It is disabled by default.

In the image below, Bib No. 2 was 6th in the first lap.
And the difference with 4th (2 ahead) place is 23 seconds,
the difference with 5th (1 ahead) place is 11 seconds,
the difference with 7th (1 behind) place is 13 seconds.

When it is unnecessary, you can hide it with an orange square button.

Show clock *optional

It is a function to display the clock on the upper right of the screen.
It is enabled by default.

The font size of the clock is about 1.5 times the BasicFontSize.

Open details window by double tapping *optional
i Version 1.2 or later j

It is a function to open runner details with double tap instead of single tap.
When it is enabled, single tap is only row selection..

This function prevents the phenomenon of opening the screen incorrectly while scrolling.

It is disabled by default.

Automatically save after registering a pass *optional
i Version 1.2 or later j

It is a function to save a file automatically when registering a pass.
Depending on the model, it may take time to save.

It is disabled by default.

Note: At the time of canceling the pass, the file is not saved.